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Our Activities

Printed Edition

Our Printed Editions, released once every semester, are a tangible expression of the intellectual richness and creativity within our magazine. These editions serve as a lasting compilation of our members' work, providing a physical medium for readers to engage with our content. The launch event, a celebratory gathering, further amplifies the impact of our Printed Editions by fostering a sense of community and dialogue among our readership. Our mission is to bring the vibrant voices and diverse perspectives of our magazine to life through the Printed Editions. By creating a physical representation of our collective efforts, we aim to make our content more accessible and enduring. The launch event is an extension of this mission, providing a space for readers to connect, share their thoughts, and celebrate the culmination of our creative endeavors. We envision our Printed Editions as cherished artifacts that not only capture the essence of our magazine but also serve as milestones in the intellectual journey of our readers. The launch event, with its lively atmosphere, seeks to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and shared appreciation for the written word, turning each release into a memorable experience that contributes to the cultural tapestry of our university community.

"Recap with Rostra" Newsletter

Recap with Rostra serves as a comprehensive window into the pulse of our university community, offering a curated blend of our published articles, recommendations, university news, and a bespoke main piece. It aims to keep our readers informed, engaged, and inspired by providing a snapshot of the diverse and vibrant activities within our magazine and university. Our mission is to create a bridge between the creative endeavors of our magazine and the wider university community. Recap with Rostra is designed to be a reliable source of information and a source of intellectual nourishment, fostering a sense of connection among readers. Through our curated content, we seek to uphold the values of curiosity, collaboration, and community engagement. We envision Recap with Rostra as not only a newsletter but a dynamic communication hub that reflects the dynamic spirit of our university. By delivering a mix of insightful articles, thoughtful recommendations, and university news, we strive to create a space that sparks conversations, celebrates achievements, and fosters a shared sense of pride and identity within our academic community.

Professional Development in Economics

Our Professional Development in Economics events serve as a comprehensive platform to enhance the skills and knowledge of our members, spanning from foundational concepts to advanced topics. Through a blend of lectures, seminars, and debates, we aim to equip participants with a well-rounded understanding of economic principles and their real-world applications. Our mission is to empower students and professionals alike with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of economics. We strive to provide a dynamic learning environment that fosters critical thinking, encourages active participation, and nurtures a community of individuals dedicated to continuous professional growth in the field of economics. We envision our Professional Development in Economics events as cornerstones in the journey toward excellence in economic understanding and application. By offering a diverse range of learning opportunities, we aspire to cultivate a community of economically literate individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the global discourse on economic issues and solutions.

Open Article Presentation

Our article presentations serve as a dynamic platform for members of the magazine to share their ideas, perspectives, and creative works with the university community. We aim to foster intellectual dialogue, promote diverse voices, and cultivate a vibrant exchange of knowledge and insights. Our mission is to create a space where the rich tapestry of thoughts and expressions within our magazine can be woven into the broader academic discourse. Through these presentations, we strive to inspire curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and spark meaningful conversations among our peers.We envision our article presentations as catalysts for intellectual growth and community engagement. By showcasing the diverse talents and interests of our members, we hope to contribute to a culture of lifelong learning, collaboration, and the celebration of the unique perspectives that define our university community.

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