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The Power of Women in Business

From the second half of the 20th century onwards, the accelerating gender parity has led to apparent improvements for women in areas such as leadership, politics or education. As a result, the range of opportunities, as well as their presence in essential, decision-making positions of businesses, have generally increased.

Consequently, many resources were invested in researching whether women, as compared to men, have a larger positively significant impact upon firms’ financial success or environmentally friendly behaviour. The results were far from surprising. In one study, for instance, McKinsey Global Institute has shown that had every country reduced its gender gap at the fastest rate of its regional peer group, the world’s GDP would have increased by 12 trillion dollars, a 10% increase compared to its actual level. Another report has found that corporations with a number of women in leading positions perform better overall when contrasted with those led mostly by men.

Such large financial gains can be explained by a number of skills that the latter category tends to overlook when conducting their businesses. Although simple communication might more often than not be overlooked when dealing with certain tasks, it is at the heart of a desirable organisation. Studies have shown that while women tend to use fewer words when conveying a message, they do so more clearly and to a greater extent in a manner that is easier to comprehend. As such, the degree of efficiency throughout firms with a greater number of women in decision-making positions considerably increases.

Furthermore, in his book The Brain and Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Coleman argued that emotional intelligence is one crucial factor that draws a thin, yet noticeable line between excellent and top-notch leadership. Accordingly, women tend to show more compassion and generally perform better when it comes to their employees’ feelings and needs.

On Friday the 8th of March at 13:00, in celebration of the International Women’s Day, Room for Discussion will host a discussion on the power, importance and the role of women in business, featuring two distinguished guests: Dr. Cara Antoine,  Diana van Maasdijk, and Carine de Meyere.

The former is the Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at Microsoft, The Netherlands, since January 2017. She has a vast experience, having held various executive roles in companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Royal Dutch Shell or Polaroid. Diana van Maasdijk is the Co-founder & CEO of Equileap, the leading organisation that provides data and further insights on gender equality in the private sector. She is the former Head of Philanthropy Advice at ABN-AMRO Private Banking and Director of Development and Communications at Mama Cash. The third and final guest is Carine de Meyere, Director of Partnerships & New Business Development for TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

Join us on Friday in the E-hall of the Roeterseiland Campus to find out more about them and their interests! See you there!


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