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Rostra’s Choice: Prisoners of Geography

Title: Prisoners of Geography

Writer: Tim Marshall

Year of publication: 2015

Review: Have you ever wondered why the COVID-19 epidemic creates international tensions? Perhaps you are curious as to why Putin’s regime has targeted Crimea specifically, beyond propagandistic purposes. The answer to most of the questions surrounding these current events fall under the umbrella of geopolitics, the study of how geography influences leader’s choices. Many books dive deep into every individual foreign policy challenge, but Tim Marshall’s work produces a comprehensive guide spanning all corners of the globe, perfect for a first glance at this fascinating subject. As an experienced international affairs correspondent, Marshall provides readers with the essential tools to create their own unique perception of international affairs. Pertinent and informative, Rostra’s choice.

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need ...

It is to be underlined that Rostra was not incentivized to promote this book in any way, and this suggestion is not necessarily representative of the opinions of the Rostra team, but only of the editor of this article.


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