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Kim Wehle at Room For Discussion – Preview

Kim Wehle is a Professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law and a CBS legal expert, analyst and commentator. She graduated cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School and worked as an editor of the Michigan Law Review. She was formerly an Assistant United States attorney and an associate Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation.

The constitution is the most important document in the United States of America. Yet, most Americans don’t truly understand what’s in it and most importantly, what it means. This drove professor Wehle to publish her latest work, “How to read the constitution and why” in June 2019. The book breaks the American constitution down into its component parts and addresses why the document is especially relevant in today’s political climate.

In this book, Professor Wehle examines why the constitution might be more important today than ever, and why, unless action is taken, we could lose its protection forever. She claims in the twentieth and twenty-first century there has been a steady accumulation of power in the presidency. We’ve also seen the senate having more power than the house and thus congress is weakening. She fears the structure of the constitution will fall and we’ll be left with an unaccountable government. 

Wehle at the University of Amsterdam

For everyone interested, Room of Discussion is proud of hosting an interview with Wehle on Tuesday, March 3rd, at 13:00 in the E-hall of the Roeterseiland Campus. Join the conversation about the current political situation within the United States: impeachment, supreme court and president Trump. 

We hope to see you there!


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