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FEBSociaal: Programme

Founded in 2005, UvAsociaal is a student party with ramifications in all of the faculties of our university. Its values are based on pillars such as freedom, quality, equality and engagement: student should feel encouraged in the pursuit of their studies by meeting a challenging and pro-active learning environment, regardless of their background and with the freedom to choose their preferred form of education. For UvAsociaal, university is more than just taking classes and getting a degree, but rather a place where students can develop themselves to reach their full potential by means of critical thinking.

It plans to achieve this with a very specific agenda for FEBsociaal, the FEB branch of the party. The current state of our faculty is not perfect: there is still much to do in order to make the Faculty of Economics and Business more inclusive and successful. For example, UvAsociaal  campaigns to make higher education more accessible for high school students by reducing the initial requirements to join a Bachelor’s programme and removing the binding study advice (BSA), barriers that force students to focus on grades rather than understanding. Another point of interest for the party concerns tutorial classes: UvAsociaal seeks to reduce the size of tutorial classes to the benefit of better communication between tutor and students and improved concentration. It also opposes the current 8-week courses system, claiming real learning needs longer, less stressful schedules. UvAsociaal believes in the University of Amsterdam as a united entity, which is why it plans to foster this synergy between faculties by assigning part of any eventual surplus in the FEB budget to faculties in financial distress.

This year’s candidates for the Faculty Student Council are: Tijmen De Vos (already member of the Faculty Student Council and also candidate for the Central Student Council), Mourad Farahat (already member of the Faculty Council), Raffaele Di Carlo and Tufan Kiziltekin.


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