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Rostra’s Choice: Lean In

Title: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Authors: Sheryl Sandberg and Nell Scovell

Year of publication: 2013

Review: Based on her personal experiences as a female member of Facebook and Google boards, in this book Sheryl Sandberg advises women striving to build a successful career. The author does not put the blame for a lack of women on leadership positions on one gender. Instead, she takes a balanced view with the primary goal of encouraging women to lift obstacles in their heads which prevent them from building their ideal lives. In my opinion, the most useful advice in the book is to stop worrying in advance about balancing family and career in the future. Sheryl argues that such concern is common among women but not among men, leading them to reject challenging opportunities due to the fear of being unable to accomplish both professional and personal goals later in life. On the contrary, the authors encourage women to be bold and adopt the “I will cross that bridge once I get there” attitude.

Since Sheryl currently works as the COO of Facebook, the book has received criticism for being blind to obstacles facing low- and middle-class working women who do not have elite privileges like the author who grew up with a strong support network. However, Sheryl does show awareness of her privilege, and I believe that the book still contains valuable advice relevant to many; others can read it for the sake of interest into the path to corporate high ranks and intellectual stimulation.

Cogent and empowering, Rostra’s Choice.


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