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For Those Who Crave Some Inspiration

Time flies when you’re having fun” is what they say… If that is indeed the case, then studying seem to be not that bad in the end. I don’t know about you, but for me, this academic year has been passing so quickly! I almost cannot believe we are about to enter the fifth block and there are less learning weeks left than we went through! At the same time, I can imagine that final exams have probably killed all your enthusiasm and you feel like you can’t take it any longer. However, believe me, from now on things will be only looking up! To prove my claim, I will provide you with some evidence: 1) next finals are not in eight, but in nine weeks 2) days are becoming longer and we do not have to wake up and come back home in the dark 3) there is orange party fever coming: King’s day! 4) April will be all about borrels, because Sefa organizes a borrelmaand  5) the summer time is approaching and the weather will start spoiling us with some sun soon. Ok, let’s not get overly excited about the last one, because it may end up as it usually does:

Nevertheless, it is a nice feeling that we are richer with seven months of intense learning, lots of intellectual challenges and, hopefully, unforgettable parties too. Because let’s not forget about the fact that, from time to time, we need to pause and rejoice all the great achievements. Keeping the balance between working and having fun, just as taking care of harmony between mind and body, is a real key to success. You can find out more about that topic in the article “New year’s resolution: a reminder on the body-mind aspect”. As we all know, our productivity usually drops a bit in this time of the year and finding new energy or motivation may seem to be a real struggle. Curious about some tips on how to boost your motivation? Head to article “Endless battle for motivation”. Energy and inspiration are things we will need the mostly now, not only to pass our last exams with flying colors but also to make decisions on what we really want to do in the future. The range of choices is really broad, so luckily, you don’t have to end up becoming the Unloved Economist. If you are still not sure what you dream job is, Rostra comes with some help and inspiration! For example, you can think of Making Money with Chess, conquering the world of Quantum computing, become a specialist in Assessing Value of Nothing, try yourself in Selling Thin Air, or set up a Fintech company, which will eventually turn to a Unicorn in Amsterdam. Before you start wondering whether today is April Fools’ Day that I am talking such complete nonsense, just check out the links: it is all true! I am sure that these extraordinary jobs would help you earn the first billion which could be safely invested in buying a football club! Actually, wait… Maybe better not to do that? The answer is hidden in the article “Big Money and the Beautiful Game”. In case you are still not convinced with these out-of-the-box dream job ideas, read which Five Factors Can Help You Get Any Job.

As you can see, these seven months of the academic year were quite fruitful for Rostra too! So far, we were able to share with you 98 articles and write together 5 news recaps, and still counting! But that is not all! Some of you may still not know that we have prepared a special, printed edition of the magazine with completely new articles in it! If you are curious about the content and want to become the proud owner of this exclusive Rostra edition, you can find the copies in the E-hall and at the Sefa store!

Survival kit for the upcoming months

Just to wrap up my column with some food for thought, I will solve a puzzle for you. Have you ever been wondering what word Rostra really stands for? We can find origins of this term back in the ancient Rome. Rostra used to be a special large platform build in the city, where speakers could stand on and share their ideas from. Even though the word is quite old and not commonly known, it perfectly reflects the mission of our magazine. Since 1953, Rostra has been spreading interesting thoughts among the students by giving them a special platform to do it. Previously in the form of paper magazines, now on the website, editors gather intriguing ideas worth sharing and hope they will spread and serve as a source of inspiration. We want to write about problems which really matter for you, so if you have any suggestion, recommendations or just want to give us feedback, drop us a line via

I wish you all a great day full of great ideas!


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